Sunday, 15 January 2012

'Sunshiney' winter Sunday mornings are so uplifting, when I first awaken to the sounds of bird song and tinkling trills of a wind-chime singing-ringing in the cold morning breeze.  Glistening white roofs and road and cars iced with frost and for some, thoughts of a whole day free to do as they please.  No work and little pressure, chores to do but no particular time-frame, even babies seem to sense that today is of a different hue, with everyone quietly still in bed at past 8am.  I can hear sounds of children's laughter behind the party-wall, our neighbours are a young couple with a small baby.  Outside now too, a car going past returning from early Mass and a whistling paper boy.  He's walking slowly home, his canary-yellow delivery bag hanging limply from his shoulder, the 'Sunday Times' all delivered, his thoughts distracted by the aroma of frying bacon escaping from nearby houses as he passes.
I'm thinking how daft I was not to cherish those days when I could eat with abandon whatever I chose. I received no less than five different recipe books as Christmas gifts this year, I think I'm being steered or rather dragged towards the kitchen.  I need to be innovative with my choices having decided to eliminate wheat and dairy from my chewing life!
This little chap has reached into his bag of tricks and found them gone, we can all be a bit like that don't you think? 

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Thought you might like to see my new snazzy socks and red pyjamas everyone!!
Biggest, brightest, happiest New Year to all my lovely blogging friends wherever you are.
Love Jane