Sunday, 26 July 2009


'A bowl of silver bells..'

Thomas Pettigrew, in 1844 claimed that the ringing and rattling of silver bells has been esteemed inimical to witches and scorcerers.

Nurturing Yesterday's Child,
by Mary Spaulding, Penny Welch


Joyce Ellen Davis said...'re giving your cats violin lessons?

You have a very fine blog here! Thanks for visiting mine. Facebook has kind of taken the edge off my blogging time, but I still try to post every now and then.

Isn't the net a marvelous thing!!!

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Hi Joyce, My husband and I love cats we have three! How clever is the cat in your post!!

The net is indeed a truly wondrous thing, it certainly keeps us connected!! It's a small big world.

Sea Angels said...

A bowl of silver bells...what a gorgeous item to have around you.....I can imagine it drawing such lovely things your way.
Thankyou for your comment that was lovely to see.
Have a super weekend
Hugs Lynn xxx