Friday, 11 September 2009


Some have colours blazing around them,
glittering like diamonds.
Flashing beacons, like lighthouses,
or oil slicked puddles in the sun.
Lighting up the room they cast their sunlight
prisms like seeds, and from their bounty 
springs energy,
and love.
Occasionally you may feel a tingle
as a spark passes via a brush of the hand,
a press of a shoulder, even a glance or a smile 
thrown with lightening precision 
ensnaring the soul
and brightening the day.
You may pass a half open doorway
through which sunlight streams
even on a foggy day.
Venturing in you see mist still curling in smoky tendrils
beyond the window 
and the day is gloomy, damp and dark,
yet somehow the person in the room
is awash with light and colour,
their smile full of verve,
garments bright
as though festooned with firefly's.
A fairy..... a charmer... ?
You are bewitched.
'Some people shine'.

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