Sunday, 13 December 2009

If you're wondering what to buy your best friend, your mum your sister, your granny, your daughter,
your grand-daughter, your neighbour, your collegue,your old school friend,your girl-friend,
your wife,your partner, your secret Santa, that nice lady
at the Post-office who is the only one with a smile, the mother of your son/daughter's
friend at school, the girl who serves your cappacino at Starbucks,
in fact absolutely everyone.  I guarantee they will be
enchanted by this book.  It is crammed with delightful paintings, little
sketches of everyday travels and touches of brilliance, they will not be disappointed
it's entrancing........
a lovely jewel of a book.
Totally original and as one reader describes....
'a one-of-a-kind experience'!
Go it know you want to!!

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