Saturday, 19 March 2011

In the film 'Hope Floats', Birdie Pruitt says as the film is closing,

"...beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad,
     but it's the middle that counts the most.
    Try to remember that when you find yourself at a new beginning.
    Just give hope a chance to float up.  And it will..."

I guess we all face new beginnings daily, but we forget.  Forget that each breath we take is in a way a new beginning, each sweep of an eyelash, each waking moment we have the chance to begin again.  A chance to put things right.  No.. no chance of putting the clock back, but a chance to learn from our mistakes, to learn to cherish each moment, for in seconds all can be changed and ultimate challenges thrown at us.  How hard that is.  How totally mind-blowingly devastating, so that we wonder just how much more we can take, and even then there may be more.

Our World will not be the same in the wake of Japan's sorrows.  We have a chance to change the world's energy plan, to come together.  If you had asked any of the worlds' mothers, did we think it a good idea to place Nuclear Plant's, even with so called fail-safe devices, on the earth's surface, moving at an average 3-4 cms a year, what do you think our answers would be?  All of us have a chance to think again, we find ourselves at that new beginning, has the earthquake and the tsunami in Japan awakened those in power to the dangers?  As a mother I am trying hard to remind myself to allow hope a chance to float up.


Teresa Evangeline said...

Very nice post and a good reminder to allow hope "to float up." Thank you.

WOL said...


Lynn said...

Double amen, sweet Jane.


Debra said...

Jane, every new day offers hope. Every breath gives us a new opportunity to make a difference, not only in our personal lives, but in the life of someone.

Hope has been on my mind recently too. I love that “every waking moment we have a chance to begin again. A chance to put things right.” Your message here reminds us so eloquently of this reality. Thank you.

June said...

Jane what a great read here as usual. When we think of the future, sometimes we don't think far enough or consider things deep enough. We must make a change!
and hope!
sending hugs

Sonia Florian said...

Thank you, Jane. Right now, from my parents home in Romania, this is all I can write to you. Thank you!

Veuve said...

Well said. Thank you.

Cletis L. Stump said...

Jane, I love that, "ask the world's mothers" line. So true. So very true.

ruthie said...

Dear Jane, beautiful, poignant words. I am trying hard to remind myself of this to in this crazy world x