Saturday, 14 July 2012

I was about eight when I first saw the film 'The Red Balloon' it was all in black and white then, no colour, hardly any dialogue, although as child I don't think I noticed this at all, it was totally magical. I never forgot the small boy in the rain greyness of the post-war streets of Paris rescuing the sentient balloon and its befriending of him.  Recently I was enchanted again watching the newly restored coloured version.  Paris looks romantic if shabby, the skyline pearly and its people worn.  The small boy in his brown shoes runs through the cobbled streets playfully followed by the cheeky, rebellious balloon so shiny.

Why aren't balloons shiny any more?

Les Ballons
by Oscar Wilde

Against these turbid turquoise skies
The light and luminous balloons
Dip and drift like satin moons,
Drift like silken butterflies;

Reel with every windy gust,
Rise and reel like dancing girls,
Float like strange transparent pearls,
Fall and float like silver dust.

Now to the low leaves they cling,
Each with coy fantastic pose,
Each a petal of a rose
Straining at a gossamer string.

Then to the tall trees they climb,
Like thin globes of amethyst,
Wandering opals keeping tryst
With the rubies of the lime.


Lynn said...

Hello dear impish Jane! Thank you for sharing that wonderful poem, just hours after I had decided I needed to start incorporating more poetry into my days!

I love that film too, although I was surprised upon re-viewing it again a couple of years ago at how bleak it is. Almost couldn't watch the scene with the mean boys...

Hope you are well! xoxo

June said...

Now I must see this film. It sounds like one I would LOVE.
I hope you are well and enjoying your Summer days Jane.
sending love...

Splenderosa said...

I've never seen this film, but it's pretty famous here. Everyone speaks about a child whose only possession is the red balloon. And, Oscar Wilde, what can I say...he's the best!


helen tilston said...

A beautiful poem by Oscar Wilde.

A very good question, what has happened to the shiny baloons


Deborah Lawrenson said...

What a lovely post! Pictures of Paris at that time, when as in Britain, times got harder for everyone rather than instantly better after the war, give a fascinating social and historical context to the story that only grows as the years pass since the film was made. Made me want to watch it again.

Lesya Hearst said...

I watched The Red Balloon in color not a too long time ago and it's a special little treasure, no doubt about it.

WOL said...

"The Red Balloon" like any good children's story, is about 8 miles deep and each time you come back to it, you find something new that you weren't old/experienced enough to see the time before. And because it's a film, there are a wealth of details to explore. Those are my favorite kind of films. Have you seen the film "Amelie"? If you haven't, I think you'd enjoy it.

Ruthie Redden said...

Hello dear Jane ~ im catching up at last! I have never seen this film but am so intrigued now that I must! I have been thinking of you lately and hoping that you are enjoying smile filled days. Beautiful poem. Did i tell you that just before you mentioned it I had found the Elizabeth Goudge, 'The Little White Horse' book in a 2nd hand store and fell in love with the tale! Hugs to you x x