Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The sound of soft summer rain, somehow poignant reminds me of stately homes and summer leaves, English lawns and a river, its surface gleaming and glancing, with shards of brightness here and there.  A silky dreamy spell, drawn with moving splashes, 'rings of bright water'.  Crystalline raindrops slinkily slide along telephone wires like passing cable-cars coming down a mountain-side.

But the rain we have today is more as though someone in the skies simply pulled the plug-up.  It barrel's down the windows and gushes over the top of the gutters.  Streams in down the inside of the French-windows and floods the conservatory floor.  We hurry to mop up with towels before the wood is soaked through.  There is no wind so the torrent just comes straight down in long silver shards, it's quite scary, there is so much power to it.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Jane:
The elemental forces of Nature can, we agree, be very scary at times. One is left feeling so very small, so insignificant and so helpless against the sheer magnitude of the power of it all.

But, it is good, perhaps to be reminded from time to time that mere humans are just that....human. And, we are all bound together in that common humanity.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Jane,
We've had lots of torrential rain and, I have to say that I rather like it !! ......especially now that our conservatory doesn't leak anymore !! I also like the gentle summer rain and can so relate to your childhood memories. It was as if everywhere had been washed clean and was sparkling again.I Most of the time, I love our British weather and the seasons although, it's not so good when people are flooded or are snowed in ! XXXX

WOL said...

Same song, umpteenth verse here: I wish it would rain! Right now, at 6 p.m. of a Saturday evening, it's 93F/34C and 17% humidity.

Sacha said...

The rain that you describe is very beautiful and your words have put on it as a poetry despite the destructive power it may have against us when it is flood
Here in Provence it is so dry and hot, sometimes I start to dream a little wavy and very soft light under which I would get to dance and say that the campaign would be so refreshed
Sometimes weather is capricious lady
There are a few more months I lived in Britain, alas, despite the beauty of this region bathed by the ocean, rain lady called every day ..
Have a great day and an equally beautiful day
friendly Hugs

WOL said...

P.S., the little guy in my Mars photo is: