Saturday, 15 April 2017

There are some feelings that fill you up, that dig their roots into your skin and never let go.  They swell and blow over you like wind and waves.

          Unknown source-

At last I'm feeling more human again!

Hugs everybody,
Jane :)


WOL said...

Glad to hear from you again. Love the blossoms.

helen tilston said...

Hello Jane, How lovely to see your post this evening. I am delighted you are feeling better.
Wishing you a very Happy Easter.
Helen xx

Marsha Splenderosa said...

WooHoo !!! This is such good news, Jane. It makes me happy to read this. So, you are feeling well and getting out and about, I'm hoping. Sending love....

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Thank you to everyone.... for your lovely comments.

A quick update M.E. and the other lurgies that haunt my hours are all things that tend to go in 'peaks and troughs'. So I can go a couple of weeks or so feeling ok (ish); meaning I can get out to the supermarket woo hoo a treat! No joking either! Or manage to have relatives to visit for lunch and a catch-up. And then, it can all crash down again or flare-up depending on which lurgie decides to arrive. It can happen literally in a moment. So I go from feeling not so bad, to yuck, really fast. Soooo, things are always 'in the balance' and it's really difficult not to just say "I'll push through!" (like we women do... its a woman thing. Just keep on keeping on! Especially when you're having a good time Then whooph.. it throws the book at you.
So I'm yet again, typing (not dancing!) as fast as I can because I'm only allowing myself 30 minutes at a time on the computer. Then a rest. Another Bank holiday over here this weekend, if that goes for where you all reside also, "HAVE A SMASHING TIME!!"

Big hugs my friends,
Jane x

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