Saturday, 20 April 2019

Easter Saturday today, I have been missing from this place for such an age.  
I wish I could find a photograph of the 'Big House' as we called it. I've searched all Flickr and other internet places and the nearest I could come to it, is a photograph of the corner shop that was opposite but up a bit.  It was nice to see that, but I keep straining all the time trying to see to the right and across the road.... well it doesn't work like that does it?  Directly opposite that the photo, when I was about 4 I spotted a girl called Elspeth in the distance coming towards me, and turning to run away I went 'SMACK' into a lamp-post.  I didn't like Elspeth you see, she'd taken me out for a walk once and somehow we ended up at a frightening place called, Mode-Wheel.  It was down on the docks, the Manchester Ship Canal Docks, hammer-drill noises and acrid smells and humungous ships and oily slicked water and a very dangerous place for small children, it scared me a whole lot.  After the lamp-post came out of nowhere and hit me right in the eye, I had a black-eye for weeks.  My Mum laughed when I told her I been running from Elspeth, she didn't understand why.  Even at such a young age I instinctively knew that girl would have been in big trouble for taking me to such a dangerous place.

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